Monday, 1 September 2014

Where are u God ?

Protect me God this rakshas has been giving me extreme cardiac pain since 2011 Oct when it was time to go for surgery he brought me on fcbk, when it was time to give my studies he was using me,  has been destroying my heart thru radiations n has decreased the heart size, i.e LV size from 4.2 or so to 3.5 which came out on echo done on 15th of July the SGOT has also been found to be raised when done on the 18th of Aug n he has been torturing me day n night for no reason, humanity sleeping, have faced billions of tortures by now all I can say is I can see that  a characterless torturer had 13 yrs before taken birth. He used me under hypnotism of marriage n promise of marriage in the near future for the last 13 yrs n said wud go for surgery together n then now when he has achieved his goals happily after destroying me he wants to leave me n has been doing it very easily in the past, njoys n tortures at the same time n then increases the intensity of torture when he wishes to run away again increases the intensity of torture n comes back n doesnt let me study a page n this happened almost everyday of this decade bcoz of insecurity that if am strong will pose a danger to him bcoz has done too much negative, gives me negative faces in front of people, has labelled me mad, had removed me from my job n studies, gives me extreme torture almost all the time n I try out things to just stay happy n normal. He has tried all sorts of conditioning to dirty my mind n thru his media is doing the same to the world I fear, he will try to weaken every system so that he appears better than others he wants me to leave but doesn't let me leave may be bcoz he is still insecure that things will be out further which will not, God will take care of a rakshas n randa like u, give my compensation my studies, my health, my eggs undamaged bcoz of ur radiations, my time n everything that I lost these ten years n go.

 These two kids usually stay together

 Tried to catch some lively moments, not  able to talk with bro properly bcoz of negative indn on face both of us being controlled negatively so that reality is not out n he thinks am mad like everyone at home, n does not  believe in radio n gamma  cameras..torture for a white female n to protect negative that is constantly being done with no conscience.
 Today was the weaning day they tried to have Cauliflower n Radish leaves

Sunday, 31 August 2014

After two weeks...

They opened their eyes 2-3 days back, this white albino was the last to open its eyes, black is composed of grey n brown n black genes  they have got seperated into diff kids in the same area where the father had black patches, nothing to do with codominance pigment is dominant over non pigment.

 In the kitchen some bit of cookery going  on  pics erased three times, prepared some baked biscuits, soyabean tikkis, icecream, chola bhatura, manchurian, corn soup, corn fry, tusli tea, stuffed potato...pattern was almost the same as last year,  felt good.

My grey bunny used to hold on n times even chew my saree, today this little one did the same.

Little flowers in the garden of life this is what I felt when I saw them move about in the room:), I feel so happy watching them.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bro's arrival yesterday.

My dear ones very slowly growing up:).
My bunny njoying fresh green grass from the garden below, surprisingly have grown up n not that easy to get grass like children, still taking care:).

 Prepared Chola bhatura my favorite, corn croquettes n a cake, Babli prepared Bhindi n roti today at breakfast


                                                 Tried  Chocolate cake layered on vanilla

Applied mehndi in one of the hands

                                             The kids slowly growing up eyes still closed

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Some moments ago

videoThe white  resembles the mother and the black n white is a true replica of the father the grey one is in between, these three were with me while the three weaker ones with the mother so that she fed  them a few moments ago, I felt so happy to see the black n white kid at birth bcoz it was a just like the father  an unbelievable story had come true what a miracle!                                                                                                                                            

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Some more pics.

 On the day of birth only one was black n white, today third day saw that three more had developed pigments may be they will turn up to be white n grey, the father was black n white, one child like father three codominance pbly grey n white n two albinos, 4 have black eyes n two red, the eyes are still closed but the skin on the eyes are dark. Sister came on 15th n left yesterday, four days of happiness, she got almond nuts a perfect gift bcoz when I opened them I felt too gud to see two almonds in one shell  close together got walnuts with the shell n that reminded me of the tentorium cerebelli n the falx cerebri, she got beautiful bangles, anklets, a kundan set, a small box of milk barfis my favorite, Mcvities digestive , Aloo bhujia all my favorite, little things make me so happy, wore the red stone studded bangles with a reddish maroon nailposlish on a red saree which I frequently wear, red my favorite these days, a stone studded peacock in a hairpin, has left back some movies n some music for me, wonder whether will be able to go thru them Devil havi all the time?:( Thank u dear sister n thank u God for blessing me with little bunnies for the first time in my life. Covered them with artificial cotton that gave a dreamy look n will keep them warm .Tried the jewellery today.


Tried the kundan ? jwellery a gift from Hyd:) today it matched with the dress coincidentally the earrings were too heavy cud not bear them, even the rest appeared too bright at times.:).Today purposely breast fed the little ones like a grandma the mother seems to be too young, never saw them feed in the past 48hrs.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

My bunny delivered:)!

                  She came out of her house in the afternoon n sister saw the same nesting behavior which had seen days back. She  said, "lets watch some movie." Started with" The life of pi:)" but cud not watch it, sister continued, the beginning was too gud, I was afraid she might be on my book shelf eating some book of mine in the past few days tore and ate a lot of paper from my old books her favorite, I had to leave the movie in between to give father drugs n meanwhile she had gone into hiding as I lay down going thru the pics of a book of photography:) " Digital photography masterclass Tomang..." n I cud hear her making some noise beneath the bed. 
                 After preparing some snacks as I sat in the other room she came out her face slightly dirty, I thought  it was blood stained   lifted her up n saw her abdomen  all blood stained I called out Ashish aloud in panic that is how I respond during any shock surprisingly,  had she aborted or delivered went hunting below the bed n to our surprise for the first time in my life saw six little ones as she licked them, felt a responsible grandma. Put the kids back into her house.I had not believed she was pregnant n not taken much care during father's hospital stay she stayed all alone with some food in her house n even later when she was back to my room cud not care for her much when had been home one day had taken her back to the hospital along with the food there, the security had come in search of her just as she had left with sis, it was too comical a state to see the security guard come for my bunny:).
               Mother had some days back said that rabbits delivered in 2.5mnths n that made me think about as to why she said this, I had also been expecting bcoz had taken her to a neighborhood bunny on the 17th of July n she delivered today the 17th of August just after 3o days:) b4 that had thought she was a male.