Monday, 20 April 2015

Some bit of science.

Grand father was Blackie mother albino, gave birth to 6 kids three brownie same pattern of patch with slight variation, two albinos n one Blackie photocopy of father. The above kid  was born on 31st of Jan this year her mother is an albino n father Brownie how come?

 Final vaccine for AIDS--This is a live recombinant vaccine, if we are able to find out the gene for  the  KEY enzymes by removing those genes we cud  prepare vaccines..

So by producing virus  with
1.DNA that codes for the protein part structural or enzyme missing, one cud  prevent further infection n prepare a vaccine after checking that further cycles did not take place.

2.DNA for the enz needed for  RNA n DNA synthesis missing this cud act as a perfect live recombinant vaccine.

Earlier thought--Vaccine for AIDS--Create a virus with some genes removed, one cud identify the genes for Gp120 n remove that gene, the virus will enter the body but will not be able to enter the T lymphocytes n further multiplication will take place but the next progeny will lack Gp120 n will not be able to infect the cells further. Bcoz the virus will be in the body antibodies will be formed against them, but they will not cause any harm n these antibodies formed cud protect from a future infection, this will act as the antigen  but  will not infect the cell.

But found out that HIV grows in T cells, Bcells, microphage n neural cells, still for the preperation of AIDS vaccine  we need not culture the above cells  and grow the virus in them  but should grow in other cells as well.
Turning point which made tissue culture the most important method of cultivation of viruses was demonstration by Endees, Weller n Robbins (1949) that Poliovirus, till then considered strictl;y a neurotrophic virus, cud be grown in  tissue culture of non neural origin.Since then almost every human virus has been grown in tissue culture.
This also means that different viruses cud be grown in different animals like the rabies virus which grows in so many animals there is a chance that different animals cud harbour many viruses, chick n duck  embryo is used to culture so many viruses, these viruses cud grow in hens n ducks as well.

The reactogenicity of killed vaccines has been attempted to be  reduced by purification of the viruses. Adv rkns  may be reduced only by the use of subunit vaccines in which the virus is split by detergents or other chemicals n only relevant antigens incorporated in the vaccine.

Live vaccines are heat labile n have to be kept under refrigeration .If the temp rises the vaccine will be destroyed n will lead to vaccine failure.

To prepare a culture medium of Bcells thought about irradiating an egg and then innoculating a lymphoid stem cell which cud produce T and B lymphocytes where the  HIV cud be cultured.

THE points collected from the above material makes one realise that AIDS virus cud grow in other cells as well n Gp 120  cud not be essential for cell entry so thought about a different vaccine

 The virus is DNA packed with a protein cover, the protein acts as the antigen, this will act as the vaccine.
This will lead to preperation of killed vaccine, for eg cud try growing the AIDS viorus in the medium mentioned above n then
prepare a killed virus in the following manner--

Methods of preparing different types of vaccines--

Killed vaccine prepared by inactivating viruses with heat, phenol, formalin or Beta propiolactone.

Live attenuated vaccine - Virus attenuated  by serial passage in eggs , culture mediums.

Live recombinant vaccines.

Rabies virus multiplies in human brain suggests that the nerve cells multiply was generally thought they don't so take enough proteins, bcomplex and milk.This cud help in new nerve cell formation,same applies to a patient with brain haemorrhage.

All this began yesterday afternoon when my 8 bunny princess spread out on my bed n me on the floor on the dari n began with the egg story...

Why is it that one virus that infects a bacteria does not infect man and a Virus infects only a particular type of cell?
Thought about the answer Proteins of the virus binds with certain receptors present on only some cells so the affinity of some virus for some cells n not all. If we inject the DNA of a virus into any dividing cell will multiply with it hopefully:").

When a virus is introduced into an egg, will not multiply if temperature not raised bcoz embryo in the egg multiplies at a higher temperature n till the DNA multiiplication takes place the virus will not multiply, the embryo in the egg is alive n respiring, even in a dead body anaerobic respiration takes place leading to lactic acidosis, have already told about storing a dead body at freezing temp and then giving a DC current to reactivate the heart...The zygote's development begins inside the bird's body itself.

IF the virus is  introduced in a system where there is slow cell multiplication viral multiplication will also be slow, so keep AIDS, Hep B and cancer patients at a cooler temperature, earlier TB sanatariums were built at hill stations same cud apply for viral infections. Also give antifolates that stop DNA synthesis n cell multiplication .

If U wish to introduce melanin gene into farm eggs that yeild albino chicks then depending on the viral multiplication the melanin gene will be introduced n one may get black n white kids.

In Lytic cycle the viruses are  released after multiplication in a cell n then they enter another cell. From this it is clear that the virus after being released from the cells stay in a state of just anatomy no physiology in the environment so it is not necessary that virus growing in living tissue is the only source of viral infection, so keep ur environment dust free as well.

If u wish to decrease the incubation period of the life in the egg introduce thyroxine that increases the Basal metabolic rate n will cause rapid cell multiplication n growth in the embryo.During fever the cell rkns get hastened n oxygen requirement also increases the activity in all the cells of the body, this affects the brain as well which manifests as a febrile seizure. Similarly during thyrotoxicosis the BMR is increased so if an egg's growth is to be hastened maintain warmth thruout n see if small amounts of thyroxine works.

Culture skin cells in an egg, birds with higher incubation period better, take these cells n apply to the bare area of a burn injury or a wound just like skin grafting.

Similar to above introduce Colony Forming Unit --E this will produce RBCs, then add the RBCs to normal saline and transfuse slowly, small amounts of egg components should not do much harm, check this, if fear of infection then kill all the bacteria will antibiotics in the culture media itself.

True meiosis lacking in Haplodiploidy eg in Apis indica --honey bee,
Meiosis totally lacking in diploid parthenogenesis--Here diploid eggs produced with one polar body only.
Parthenogenesis produces clones.

Primary oocyte if induced to get activated will give rise to a diploid human clone.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Jeevan path

Jeevan path hai badi anjaan,
is par chalte banani hai pehchan,
arjit karna hai man sammman,
jiyo kuch aise ki kar sako abhiman.

Chalte raston ko banao manbhavan,
badalte drishya lage kuch suhavan,
raston me prem barsaao nischal,
seencho jeevan ko tum pal pal.

Sapnon ko karo sakar,
jeevan ko do tum aakar,
kabhi na haar karo sweekar,
kuch dinon ka ye sansaar.

Karne aye hum manav kalyan,
pure karne hain kai arman,
phailane aaye khushiyon ka saman,
sab bane mahan to hum bhi mahan.

Manav ban do apna parichay,
sab me pale ek saral hriday,
kah gaye saadhu sant sujaan,
ek din sab bane mahan.

Jab kabhi mod aye bhaybheet,
himmat bandhaye sathi manmeet,
langhe har din nirdharit seema,
chalte rahne ki karen yantrana.

Daanavta ke vinasht hon shool,
manavta ke khilaye hum phool,
sabka karen hum premalingan,
maanavta ke hum bane avlamban

Andhakarmay jeevan ho prakashman,
deep se deep jale ho gyan dan,
dheere dheere manav bane aur mahan,
isi me hai har manav ki shaan.

Karo aise karya jo chu jaye marm,
jahan prem ahinsa satya wahin hai dharma,
yah sundarta apurva shashvat karti unman,
aise jiyo ki sarthak ho jeevan

Bhool jaao tum sari lachaari,
burayiyon se ladne ki karo tyyari,
sun lo sakha sun lo saheli,
jeevan hai seedhi sadhi paheli

CLONING in birds--Collect ovum from birds, see if ovulation inducing drugs work, replace the nucleus with any nucleus from somatic cell and then irradiate an egg with  a shell so that the embryo in it is destroyed and then inject the zygote into the egg and let it grow, one will get a diploid normal clone. Had heard about cloning in animals this will act as a clone in amphibians, reptiles and birs cud help in saving the endangered species.
PARTHENOGENESIS--Dark cornish breeds of fowl produces eggs showing early parthenogenesis i.e the ovum gets activated n develops further without fusing with the sperm, but they are not clones.In human beings radiation could be used to cause further development of the ovum but the development proceeded  only upto the stage of gastrula , had been thinking about human beings and this page of Cell biology opened:).
Thought about growing multiple zygotes in a single egg with a shell, twin zygotes  and multiple zygotes in a bigger egg like ostrich's egg, cud try multiple zygotes of different species like duck, hen, turkey of the same incubation period.
Thought about all this today morning.
Siamese twins In these monozygotic twins the inner cell masss embryoblast does not completely split. THE TWO EMBRYOS ARE JOINED BY A TISSUE BRIDGE---one cud remove this tissue bridge by gammma rays or laser beams in utero after USG, radioimaging or MRI if radiowaves safe for the fetus. LATER could cause scarring and could be difficult.
Monoclonal antibodies directed against specific oncofetal antigen provide an avenue for cancer therapy.If antigens could be injected at intervals for a long time high ab titre could act as a vaccine FOR CANCER.
All this thought started with this at around 12:00 am at night..

We can grow human embryo  inb a an egg after irradiating  the egg with gamma rays, this will destroy the embryo of the bird, human embryo passes out urine so cannot grow in an egg shelll after the development of the urinary system. use glutamate dehydrogenase inhibitor or aspartate aminotransferase inhibitor will stop AMMONIA N UREA production, see urea cycle,
TT OF RENAL FAILURE --uSE OF glutamate dehydrogenase inhibitor or aspartate aminotransferase inhibitor cud stop production of urea n ammonia.
T/t of Polyhydramnios-- Control of maternal blood glucose in cases of no swallowing disorder in the fetus like duodenal atresia or anencephaly.
Heart patients to be given lots of glucose, at the time of labor bcoz fat usage causes ketoacidosis and ketosis leads to increased heart rate, will put a further load on the heart....

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Togetherness is the charm.

Togetherness is the charm,
the walk arm in arm,
the laughing flowing stream,
fulfilled are but some dreams.

The daily morning rise,
the twinkle in the eyes,
young buds n flowers old,
shining drops they hold.

The path through the meadows,
the sunshine n the shadows,
little birds that sings,
fly overhead with open wings.

The cool cool breeze,
the swaying swings on trees,
Fragrant blooming flowers,
on the trees that shower.

The rivers and the mountains,
the spring and the fountains,
the sunny skies warm,
and the bees that swarm.

These eyes watch in wonder,
the music and the thunder,
the canopy green dripping,
the earthy smell so gripping.

Feel the light grow brighter,
careful steps grow lighter,
smell some flowers wild,
enjoy nature's music light.

Bright new wings fly to the nest gay,
little steps move about and play,
move by the flowing rivulets,
jingling bangles tinkling anklets.

Leave the slithering golden sand,
With shaky legs that stand,
in the cool waters wade,
as the sunshine slowly fades.

Ma ka vatsalya.

Ma  kaa  vatslya  hai   alaukik,
Prem ma ka hai  atoot akhandit,
Pokhar me khilta kamal har pahar,
Ma ki ankhen jagti har sham har sehar.

Ma  ki  nazron  me  nahi  antar,
Bahti  yah  kalaswini  nirantar,
Sanyog se milta hai ma ki mamta,
Ma ki  nazren dekhti charon ore samta.

Kahan sab ko milta man ka alingan,
Ma  ke  bina  asambhav hai jeevan,
Sadabahar hindola hai man ki bahen,
 Gham aur khushi me jahan nikalti hain aahen.

Ma  kaa  man   hai   atii   lalaam,
Prempurna  wah karti har kaam,
Kade dhoop me wah anchal deta  saya,
Mamta uski hai ghane ped ki chaya.

Usi dwara paya hai srishti ne srijan,
Uske bina yah sansar hota nirjan,
Usi ne sajaya hai prem bhara upwan,
Usi ke anchal me pulakandolit hota jeevan,

Pyar apnapan hai ma ki pahchan,
Ham hain shudharth ma karti sudha daan,
Har ma ka Karen hum man samman,
Ma  ne  hi  diya  hai  jeevan  dan.

Jeevan dan ke aage  kam har vyavhar,
Premvash vah sehti har dukh apaar,
Ma    bina    adhura  rahta   sansar,
Vyakt   karte   hum   apna   abhaar. 

My mother rabbit, call her khargoshni gave birth to little kids on the 15th of March, had kept her kids in a letterbox, at times kept it on the bed n at times on the dari on the floor, my khargoshi was dozing off on the bed n the kids were beside her, I lovingly called them making a shrill sound n she felt that they cried n she rushed below to the place where the letter box was kept earlier, that moment provoked me to write this poem, even I used to get up when I felt they cried off n on during Feb till 16-17th March, majority of the times mother khargoshni woke me up to feed the little ones on winter nights, my khargoshni surprisingly fed them almost till about 22th Feb, how, prolactin release, I feel prolactin injns can induce milk prodn in mammals, My whities had delivered on the 31st of Jan n Blackie on the 12th of Feb, the kids were kept in the letterbox under a table lamp till the 15TH then handed over to the mothers as the winters subsided . Today i.e 27th whitie once again delivered after a gap of a couple of months after sister’s arrival, the condn is not as it was 7.5 mnths back, still I love this phase of my pets giving birth, today mother khargoshni’s kids opened their eyes as well. The above is mother khargoshni’s kid.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Aayee holi

Holi aayi holi aayi dekho holi aayee re,
apne sang bahut saree khushiyan layee re,
ude hain rang hare peele neele laal,
Kahin hai abeer kahin hai gulaal.

Chutki bhar lekar aye hain hum rang,
khushiyon ki bela me sab sathi hain sang,
aaj rangon se gulabi hain gaal,
koyaliya gati amwa ke daal.

Badli si hai aaj sab ki chal,
aaj dharti kyaa ambar bhi hai lal,
bahut dinon ke bad aayi shubh bela,
laga hai har taraf rangon ka mela.

Pyar se khelen holi humjoli,
rang bhare jeevan me holi,
Phir se ek dusre ko bahon me bharlen,
kuch to manmaani is din kar len.

AAj ke din sab hilmil jaao,
Muskurate phulon ki tarah khil jaao,
maaro na rangon ki pichkari,
bheegne do chunri bheegne do saaree.

Dilon me bhara hai utsaah umang,
kuch rang udte hawaaon ke sang,
khanak rahi hai chudi baj raha hai kangna,
door hi sahi hum sab to hain sangna

Good news is that my bunny kids have grown up n have given birth to little ones the two whities delivered on the 31st of Jan n Blackie  on the 12th of Feb, am very happy, going on with bits of cookery n invention / discovery which everytime I feel has already been done, devil is still there with his sway so just bits of time that goes for productive work, it was wonderful helping my bunny raise her kids during winters which persisted till mid Feb, later tried my best to save the life of one of the kids who went away unexpectedly even  after the diaphragmatic hernia was reduced, lots of things to say, today prepared guava cake n grilled vegges, on V'day triedchocolate vanilla on parents anniversary tried mango cake,  just added mango flavor to the cake... Happy Holi dear friends :).

Phir basant bahar:).

Naya mausam laya nav srijan,
khil utha hai jan jan ka man,
phir laya basanti hawa manbhawan,
sabke man ko lagta ye pawan.

Badlav ka nam hi hai jeevan,
door hua sardi ka krandan,
prakriti ka sangeet phaila kan kan,
is sangeet me kahan hota garjan.

Bahta gunguna pani kal kal,
hawayein bhi bahti hai hain nischal,
sundar prateet hote pakshiyon ke swar,
sheetalta pradan karta jo is antar.

Surya phailaata kuch aur apni abha,
kamal pokhar me chandrama phailata apni vibha,
tim tim chamakte aakash ke taare,
haste gaate dikhte hain saare.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Antahstal ki suno ninad,

Antahstal ki suyno tum ninad,
uth khade ho chod har pramad,
kal hote safal woh jo aaj kaerte tyag,
param satya hai ye isme koi vivad?

Bahti ja rahi jeevan ki dhara,
sath chalte chalte milega kinara,
jeevan me wahi manushya hai safal,
jo prayatn karta bar bar ho viphal.

Samay ko na gavao tum bekar,
baitho na tum aise man haar,
jeevan mila karne ko paropkar,
chalte chalte lagegi naiyya par.

Manav karta manavta par aas,
manav me prabhu karte vaas,
jeete jaao jeevan tum nishchal,
manushya hi manushya ko deta sambal.

Jeevan mila phailane ko harsh,
Har pal ko do apna komal sparsh,
jeevan ke har pal ka karo abhinandan,
phaile duniya me prem apnanapan.

Karya karo sada jag kalyani,
gaayen sabhi tumhari yash vaani,
rastye hon anjan ya jani pehchani,
chalte chalo shanbhangur jeevan koi hairani?